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Transforming digital learning through collaboration

The success of Studious is built on collaborating with our three key partners: Academics, Organisations and Students.

Find below how we make this collaboration come true:

Studious partners with specialist academics to write and develop innovative and engaging digital content about a wide range of subject disciplines. Collaborating with academics in this way ensures any content is rigorous, critical and contemporary.

Our collaboration with leading and small organisations brings learning to life. This partnership allows us to share with students real stories about organisational life, and translate theory into practice in exciting ways.

Students play a key role in building active learning communities. Our app is designed to maximise this through threads, forums and communal interactivity. This collaboration ensures our materials stimulate deep rather than surface learning.


Specialist academics from leading universities produce high-quality educational content that is credible, accessible and relevant to today’s learners

Organisations and practitioners share their experiences and stories about how to apply key concepts in the real world

Students connect with academics, learn from practitioners, and give feedback to us about what brings learning to life