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L'Oreal case study

Academic Case Study

Turn theory into practice with our popular video case studies. This is great for capturing real insights into companies, practitioners and research experiments.

Social Categorisation

Academic Feature

Studious’ flagship video, our feature videos combine academic interviews and voice-overs with cutting-edge animation, archival materials and cinema-quality high-definition footage.

Bureaucratic Structure

Animated Explainer

The animated explainer centres on an expert description of an integral concept, but uses animation in addition to video to facilitate understanding.

Leadership Development


Showreels offer a illustrative showpiece. This can take several forms, from glossy course introductory videos to inspiring meta-studies. There’s no better way to show off the depth and breadth of your research.

Ethical Decision-Making


Explainers are bite-sized (1 minute) pieces about a single idea or theory of key importance to the learning in question. Each video is built around an explanation from an academic expert and illustrated with archival and contemporary footage.

Ryze App


Studious creates engaging promotional videos for educational platforms and universities. Excite audiences with a glimpse into your world.