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Studious collaborates with lecturers and universities to transform the experience of independent learning through the power of digital media and technology.

Sometimes labelled the “Netflix” of education, Studious produces exceptional subject collections and courses filled with outstanding media resources.

The Studious app – Ryze – then delivers this content through a cutting-edge learning platform that brings extensive interactivity: helping students fully engage with the learning experience.

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Why Digital?

of students feel that they can fit learning into their life more easily with digital technology
of students feel they are more independent in their learning when digital learning is used
of students use a smartphone to support their learning

What People Are Saying

"I am looking forward to using Studious Ryze because it is a truly comprehensive body of knowledge and understanding. It represents everything that is current about student centred learning, and provides knowledge and structure in ways which today's students expect."

Prof Richard Pettinger
UCL School of Management

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