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Outstanding and rigorous digital learning content that takes student engagement to new heights


Customised courses which support learning and can be integrated into any educational platform


Production of outstanding educational videos and interactive learning experiences


A pioneering digital learning experience platform that offers a highly interactive educational eco-system

Studious is transforming the experience of learning by equipping lecturers and students with outstanding digital resources.

Sometimes labelled the “Netflix” of education, Studious is a growing community of academics and creative professionals that produce outstanding digital learning content and media resources – exclusive for universities to license or purchase.

The Studious app – Ryze – offers all universities the opportunity to host their content, or the Studious Collections, on a cutting-edge learning experience platform.

Ryze provides exceptional interactivity, analytics, networking features, nudge technology and AI adaptive learning capability: ensuring a highly personalised learning experience.

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25th Jun, 2020

5 key tips you need to know before developing your online course

In this changing time of working and studying from home, it is likely that you will need to develop content for an online module, ready for the start of the next (...)

10th Apr, 2020

How to make an academic documentary (Studious style)

During my time in academia (and specifically social anthropology), I was often preoccupied by a sense that academics were “missing a trick” when it came to communicating their research. Social (...)

4th Mar, 2020

Coronavirus and higher education: what are the long term impacts?

Online education isn’t a new story. The MOOC revolution happened a decade ago, with platforms like Udacity and Coursera springing up to offer e-learning to large numbers of people around the world (...)

What People Are Saying

"The Studious approach to virtual learning - combining theory with practice in engaging, novel and contemporary ways - will be of great value to the HE sector as we all adapt to the changing world of online and blended learning."

Prof Bob Townley
University of York, Management School

"Ryze represents everything that is current about student-centred learning"

Prof Richard Pettinger
University College London, School of Management

"The Studious collection should truly take the brakes off our study potential and allow us to cover much more ground in our shared learning project "

Dr David Holland
University of East Anglia, School of Psychology

"Studious provides the right blended learning environment without putting the burden on academic staff to create digital learning objects."

Dr Frederique Bouilheres
University of Nottingham, Business School


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