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8th Jul, 2021

Achieving Wellbeing in the Workplace

It is said that a happy worker is a productive worker. Although organisations may have long realised the benefits of a happy and engaged workforce, it is only recently that we are beginning to understand the extent to which an employer can actively improve the wellbeing of its employees.   In the workplace, employee wellbeing is […]

9th Jun, 2021

Five key tips to make your video call look professional

After more than a year of remote working, most of us probably think we’ve mastered the art of video call. But have we really? A quick glance at the evening news suggests that even seasoned presenters make rooky mistakes when it comes to Zoom and the like. Here, our expert filmmakers share five key tips […]

12th May, 2021

6 Tips to Increase Student Engagement

In our digital age, engagement is a top priority when delivering online content. Think about your own experience: how many times have you stopped watching a YouTube video midway because the presenter wasn’t getting to the point, or clicked on a recipe and scrolled through the writer’s long introduction to get to the actual recipe? […]

19th Apr, 2021

Moving online – reflections from an academic

Thursday the 12th of March 2020 was my last visit to the UCL Bloomsbury campus, the last time I enjoyed face to face interactions with colleagues and students. Literally overnight teaching went online, my last two weeks of the teaching term represented my first experience of full online teaching, it was not how any of us would […]

Studious animation

22nd Mar, 2021

The secret to a highly engaging education animation: a good story

Animation is a highly effective tool for delivering an engaging learning experience. I could write at length about its value in education but there is already plenty of evidence to support this. So instead I will provide a brief insight into how we approach the pre-production phase of animation at Studious. I was recently introduced […]

19th Feb, 2021

How to Gamify Learning Content

Gamification is a buzzword in the e-learning world, but what does it mean, is it an effective way to learn, and how do you do it? (…)

21st Jul, 2020

Working from home during Covid-19 – how new hires are embracing the company’s culture remotely

While lockdown forced many businesses to furlough or lay off their staff – EdTech venture Studious has been busy (…)

25th Jun, 2020

5 key tips you need to know before developing your online course

In this changing time of working and studying from home, it is likely that you will need to develop content for an online module, ready for the start of the next (…)

19th May, 2020

Is coronavirus installing Higher Education 4.0?

Universities carry a long pedigree of tradition. New ideas come, old systems go. But the trademark experience of lectures, libraries and labs has remained a cultural constant in higher education for (…)

10th Apr, 2020

How to make an academic documentary (Studious style)

During my time in academia (and specifically social anthropology), I was often preoccupied by a sense that academics were “missing a trick” when it came to communicating their research. Social (…)