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Dr Ivan Mitchell

Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO, Ivan leads the vision for Studious and oversees the company.  He is passionate about the impact that digital learning technologies can have on higher education. He is also an Associate Professor at UEA.

Dr Sarah Warnes

Chief Academic Officer

Sarah’s responsibilities rest with overseeing the creation of the academic content, ensuring it is always engaging, challenging and dynamic! She is also a Senior Teaching Fellow at UCL.

James Gardiner

Chief Operating Officer

As COO, James is responsible for the day-to-day running of the company and leads on strategic planning, business development and marketing. He is also a Lecturer at UEA.

Ludmilla Pereira

Brand and Relationship Manager

Ludmilla is responsible for developing the brand strategy, initiating long-lasting relationships with selected Studious partners, gathering data and formalising strategic insights.


James Skilton

Chief Technology Officer

As CTO, James is responsible for the digital and technical side of the business including the on-going development of Ryze: our immersive and multi-media driven learning platform.

Tshoba Mwalaba

Head of Production: Commercial

Tshoba brings the creative and artistic edge to our educational learning media. He is passionate about making videos that impress.

Chris Holt

Media Innovation Lead

Chris brings creative leadership to the generation of cutting-edge 3D animations.  He is our in-house specialist when it comes to virtual and augmented reality.

Dr David Jobanputra

Head of Production: Academic

David leads on the conceptual design and development of academic films.  He is a pioneer of bringing research insights to life through the power of documentary.

Isobel Pedley

E-learning Technologist

Isobel is passionate about all things eLearning. She is focused on developing lasting experiences for learners that will inspire and support their education.

Emma Goode

E-learning Technologist

Emma works with academics to develop new course content, using her editorial experience to ensure content is accessible, engaging and tailored to online learning.

Andy Jordan

E-learning Technologist

Andy has a diverse background including web development and video editing. He brings these skills together to create e-learning resources which are engaging, interactive and fun.

Heather Bingham

Junior E-learning Technologist

Heather brings her knowledge of working in the e-learning sector to help deliver an educational experience which is both fun and beneficial to learners.

Dr George Witty

Lead AI Researcher

George is in charge of researching how Studious can make the most of Artificial Intelligence in every aspect of learning. He is currently working on developing the Tutor Bot.

Tom Alabaster

Mobile App Developer

Tom brings a huge passion for all things mobile, injecting creativity and interactivity into our Ryze platform to create a cutting edge app-based experience.

Emma Andrews

Web Developer

Emma is an app and web developer that supports the tech team in the creation of all our tech solutions.

Prof Frances Bowen

Frances supports the executive directors in forming business strategy and provides independent oversight. Frances is also Pro-Vice Chancellor for Social Sciences, University of East Anglia.

Mark Barry


Mark is a consultant for Studious, offering continued guidance and insight on all things tech. He is also I.T. Director for the UEA.

Dr Frederique Bouilheres


Miriam Cantwell

Academic Partnerships Manager

Miriam brings her passion for education to her work with higher education institutions. She is responsible for creating and managing partnerships.

Michael Cronin

Sales Director

Diane Townshend

E-learning Technologist Support

Diane brings years of experience working in education and technical translation to help create engaging and inspiring e-learning resources.

Dara Roden

E-learning Technologist Support

Dara brings her enthusiasm for e-learning and education to create content which prioritises the engagement and learning experience of students.

The Road To Studious

January 2018

Ivan and Sarah meet as Consultants

Prior to meeting at an educational publishing service, Ivan was experienced at creating videos and using technology in his lectures, while Sarah had spent years building digital learning materials for flipped learning experiences at UCL.

May 2018

New projects, new ideas

Sarah, Ivan and James kept developing their independent digital interests: Ivan produced a series of learning videos for an education publishing service; James carried out research on interactive learning and simulations; and Sarah continued integrating digital technology at UCL.

September 2018

Ivan, Sarah and James collaborate on e-learning

James, Ivan and Sarah bring together their knowledge with an ambition to create outstanding e-learning materials, offering something really special for their students.

December 2018

University of East Anglia grants funding

The vision for Studious as a social enterprise takes root, and we develop a wide range of films and interactive media.

January 2019

Collaboration with leading universities

We are excited to get a fantastic group of leading academics from the University of Leeds, University of Exeter, Essex University, University of Liverpool, UEA and UCL to join us to develop courses.

March 2019

Exciting times – growing ambition and the team

After receiving more funding, Studious grows in size and ambition. We film a range of interviews and case studies at leading companies, and our designers give us a distinctive brand.

June 2019


Studious starts working with IBM Watson to develop interactive learning experiences. We see the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning to make learning dyadic, active and personalised.

October 2019

Virtual reality

Studious now offers pioneering virtual- and augmented-reality services, specifically designed for university learning experiences.

December 2019

Studious' own platform, Ryze, is live for testing

The Studious platform, Ryze, is available for student testing. We are committed to providing the best experience for students and universities by exploring the functionality and continuously refining the app.

January 2020

The year of Ryze! The first Collection is ready

Our first full collection is completed and bespoke courses are now possible!

March 2020

Growth of AI and E-Learning

Studious expands both its e-learning and AI Research teams. We now have a growing group of experts working on e-learning innovation and artificial intelligence for education.

July 2020

Ryze is launched

The world's most exciting digital learning app is launched on the App Store and Google Play, featuring interactive media, videos, micro-lessons, gamification and quizzes - all personalised for each user.

Our Manifesto

Studious is about inspiring learning through collaboration. We work together to achieve the outstanding. We encourage students to connect with each other.

We don’t underestimate learning potential. We bring accessibility to today’s learners. We don’t stick to tradition. Being stuck in the past should be stuck in the past. We disrupt monotony because we respect learning diversity. We believe in innovation, adaptation and imagination. We want every student to have the tools to succeed.

We believe in leading the education of tomorrow. Using technology to push the boundaries of today. We don’t stop. We won’t stop. We are Studious.