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Business Collection


From its risks and failures, being an entrepreneur isn’t without its complications. However, if successful, entrepreneurial activity can give us businesses and products that completely change the way we live.
But still the question remains:

  • Can anyone be an entrepreneur?

In this collection you will learn about the significance of entrepreneurship within the economy and the research-led understanding of factors that affect the entrepreneurial process and small business management functions.


Entrepreneurship and Small Business

Corporate Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship and University Enterprises 

Ethnic Minority, Family and Gender Entrepreneurship

The Opportunity Recognition Process 

The Lean Start-Up and the Business Model 

Resource Acquisition and Resource Allocation 

Entrepreneurial Marketing, Sales, Marketing and Brands 

Finance, Crowd Funding and Venture Capital 

Planning for Growth and Global Expansion 

Disruptive Innovation and Frontiers in Entrepreneurship