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5 key tips you need to know before developing your online course


In this changing time of working and studying from home, it is likely that you will need to develop content for an online module, ready for the start of the next term, and this is where we can help. Studious would suggest these 5 pointers to bear in mind before you begin:

1. Include lots of media

Remember your learners are in their home so could be easily distracted. Include lots of credible links from newspapers, blogs and academic journals as well as video clips and podcasts to keep your learners engaged and make the experience more enjoyable.


2. Keep your writing simple

Just because you’re writing rather than speaking it doesn’t mean you have to get caught up in the detail. Treat each section as a story and try and write in the same way as you would explain concepts to someone face-to-face. Remember to include lots of real-life examples to support your points, as this will lead to less confusion and less questions from your students!


3. Put yourself in your students’ shoes

If you were a student in your class, how would you expect the experience to be? Why are you teaching this course and why is it an important topic for students to learn? Remember also that online learning may be more challenging for students who don’t have access to a quiet study space at home or a stable internet connection and build some flexibility into your class for them.


4. Encourage student participation

Students love social media because it allows them to be part of the conversation; how can you reflect this in your class by making it more interactive and collaborative? Develop reflective exercises to reinforce key concepts. This is a good way for learners to pause, process the information and see if they fully understand the topics covered. Try to provide a good mix of simple and more challenging activities to keep your students motivated.


5. Be kind to yourself

Online learning is brand new to many people, so don’t worry if things go wrong. See this as a learning journey you’re sharing with your students. The important thing is to be present for your students and them about a subject you’re most passionate about.


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