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Business Collection

Innovation Management

Innovation is all about creating value from new ideas. However, innovation can be a costly and lengthy process and not all ideas are necessarily good ones. Therefore, the process of innovation needs to be carefully managed.

In this collection, students will see that innovation can take many forms, from creating new products for customers to refining manufacturing processes, to moving services to new countries. They will also discover how new ideas are generated and selected, how innovations can be financed and how innovation is managed in budding start-ups, all the way up to global corporations.


What is Innovation?

Selecting Ideas

The Financing and Management of Innovation 

Open Innovation 

Exploiting Entrepreneurship and New Ventures 

Appropriability and Intellectual Property 

Markets for Technology 

Knowledge Creation to Optimise the Innovation Footprint 

Managing Global Innovation - Optimising Communication 

Strategy, Disruptive Innovation and Cost innovation 

Reverse Innovation and Cost innovation