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Business Collection


Strategy is one of the most important assets for businesses that want to grow and remain relevant. It teaches students how to develop efficient plans, map and learn from competition and design better routes for companies to expand their reach in the market. An understanding of strategy is important as it improves decision making, sets the target and focus and allows for flexibility and innovation.

This collection will guide you through the strategy journey, from its concept as an internal or external need, how it is then used within operations and the corporate environment, to the human issues that exist within strategic management.


Introducing Strategy

The Importance of Strategic Planning

Understanding the External Environment

Understanding the Internal Environment

Market Research for Strategy Analysis

Operational Strategy and Competitiveness

Business Level Strategy

Corporate Strategy and Growth

Internationalisation Strategy

Actors, Power and Politics in Strategising

Organisation, Structure and Strategy

Human Issues in Strategising

Technology Enabled Strategising